Many countries are chronically short of water, which makes the use of water borne sanitation an unrealistic option. The capital cost required for water borne sanitation is prohibitive in most of the cases.

It has conclusively been proven to load effluent from pit latrines is directly responsible for widespread contamination of valuable groundwater resources. The regular operating and maintenance costs of sanitation systems such as bucket latrines, septic tanks, chemical and water borne toilets are very high.

The Fort Washington Emergency Plumbing and Heating Waterless Toilet Solution

  • Affordable water free toilet system
  • Completely closed system
  • No sewage pipe network and sewage treatment plants required
  • No effluent seepage into underground water resources.
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Minimum monthly operating costs

Next to the toilet, please contact Fort Washington Emergency Plumbing and Heating local plumber. Basin-type bidets may require additional plumbing and a new drainage system.